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A global leader in technical thermoplastic injection recently faced a daunting challenge that even the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and other aftermarket competitors couldn’t resolve. Their relationship with an end customer was at stake, and they turned to Euroviti for a solution. Collaborating closely with their production managers, we embarked on a significant endeavor in the coffee machine sector. Our task? To customize a screw for the plasticization of a 40% glass fibre reinforced PPA thermoplastic material.

Innovation at Its Finest
Where others saw obstacles, we saw an opportunity for innovation. The creation of a dedicated three-zone profile, which some in the industry have overlooked, became our path to success. This bespoke approach addressed the challenges of gas formation due to high melting temperatures. The result was a substantial improvement in the quality of the molten mass and conformity of the product, ensuring each cup of coffee made with these components is a testament to precision and quality.

Our successful intervention not only salvaged a crucial business relationship for our client but also set a new standard in the field.

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