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Often when discussing extreme technical issues with users, we are faced with situations that are not so out of the ordinary for us. Sometimes to present our technical solutions we follow the saying that “a picture is worth a thousand words”.
An example that we often bring in front of customers who have extreme wear problems in the feeding area of ​​their extruders, we show, among others, the project for a world leader in the production of pipes for civil / sanitary use. A 60 diameter single screw with L / D30 that processes semi-crystalline materials with high filler charge of titanium oxide and talc.

The original plasticizing set had an average life of about one year at full production capacity, before showing such high wear in the screw feeding area and also in correspondence with the bush and cylinder in the joint area.
As can be seen from the photographs, the application of a tungsten carbide HVOF type overlay combined with design features on both the screw and the feed bush, created with an insert in sintered material, led to a radical difference.

After comparing the wear of the components, after the same duration of use and with the same materials, the screw we supplied was still within the tolerance margins. Another example of how Euroviti’s experience can help you solve both process and product short-life problems.

A picture is worth a thousand words.

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