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Euroviti, a company specialized in design and manufacture barrel and screws, integrates experience, technologies and innovative solutions and supply products of wide versatility, also in the rubber extrusion sector.
An important multinational company that produces tires for tir, cars and earthmoving, contacted us to solve the problem of premature wear due to the presence of nano particles of spherical silica in the compound. This particles, which replaced the carbon black, with its characteristics, attacks and damages the screws.
Therefore the customer’s need a screw to solve this problem and Euroviti produced a screw in nitrided steel with a coat of EUV56, nickel base alloy.


With the new screw in EUV56 we have increased the life of the same by 50% compared to a screw with other coating and a reduction of 20% of the refuse.

We guarantee productsof wide versatility of use, also in the rubber extrusion sector.

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