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The last complete plasticizing unit modification project involved our injection team.

At one of our customers, whose vast fleet of machines included injection moulding machines dedicated to thermoplastics or thermosetting materials, after receiving a new important order, there was the need to increase the production capacity to meet the high number of requests for aeronautical components.

What to do if your production is saturated and the delivery of a new IMM dedicated to thermosetting materials is too long? What he did was to contact us… and together we decided to transform a machine for thermoplastics into one for thermosetting.

After an inspection by our technicians, we started by carrying out measurement checks on the machine to understand the available spaces, which are very important for the cooling system which is not present on the thermoplastic unit and we also moved the position of the hopper hole and of the hopper itself. This involved modifications to the protections of the machine, especially because it was a vertical injection unit, and the creation of connections to the oil cooling unit.

Again, unit delivered, installed and customer working today without problems.

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