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Who we are

We design and realize screws and barrel, feeding bush in steel nitrided and bimetallic high reasistance to ensure wide versatility of use.

What we have done

We have been contacted by a Sicilian company specialized in the production of plastic films for covering, solarisation, packaging and mulching.
It is a large state-of-the-art company that has developed a very high quality system to ensure the dynamism and flexibility of the market.

We have designed for them a screw, barrel and feeding bush Ø160-30 L / D. The barrel was produced in EUV1000W, Bernex alloy in Tungsten Carbid.
The grooved bush in nitrided steel and the screw coated in EUW850, also with Tungsten Carbide.


With HPE Performance Extrusion screw, thanks to the Tungsten Carbide, we have achieved exceptional results against wear and corrosion by triplicating their life with a standard bimetal.
With the “ALTERNATE” barrier and the Helical Maddock we laminate and mix the melt, optimizing color dispersions.

Thanks to our intervention, hourly production increased by 30%, with the same number of revolutions.
In addition, with the peculiarity of the screw geometry, we have achieved a reduction in cutting forces and therefore a 15% energy saving compared to the existing profile.

We respond to their needs by carrying them to the innovation and the constant improvement of production processes.

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