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Euroviti, leading company in the supply of plasticising screws and barrels, has recently found itself engaged in an interesting challenge on various fronts. The task was to offer technical and production assistance to a major customer in the province of Naples. An important company active both nationally and internationally, produces a vast range of PVC products: from roller shutters to folding doors, from wall coverings to trunkings, up to industrial technical profiles.

The first operation that Euroviti performed was the transformation of a ø45/25 single screw extruder for rigid PVC extrusion, making it suitable for the extrusion of PA6 for industrial profiles, keeping the barrel and screw overall dimensions unchanged. Result? Today, this extruder produces 35KG/H at 80rpm. This solution has allowed the client company to obtain significant savings, eliminating the need to purchase a new extruder and being able to return to previous production if necessary.

Secondly, Euroviti designed a thermostatically controlled ø75/25 screw to extrude rigid PVC trunking, a more effective alternative to the extruder previously used by the customer. This new tool has led to a significant increase in production of +35%.

Finally, the company has imprinted its signature on the project of a ø45/25 single screw set for extruding plasticized PVC pipe for household appliances, replacing the current screw for rigid PVC. Also in this case, the results speak for themselves: from 30 kg/H we went to 55 Kg/H.

Euroviti, therefore, has once again demonstrated how its technical expertise and its ability to listen and respond to the specific needs of customers are essential to provide tailor-made solutions. This success story is further evidence of the company’s determination and commitment to maintaining a high level of quality in its products and services, with an ever-attentive eye towards innovations and market needs.

With our technical expertise and attentive listening to our customers, Euroviti has designed new solutions to increase production and reduce costs. Our signature on quality and innovation is confirmed in every challenge.

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