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In the world of extrusion, especially those who have known us for years, when evaluating the purchase of a new extrusion line, they contact us to get an opinion on the matter and to be able to evaluate a renewal of their lines excluding however the possibility of a revamping (a renewal of electrical and electronic parts) and keeping the entire old structure; meaning that all the improvement must come from the plasticizing unit. What we do is collect a series of data with respect to the motors or gearboxes, consumption, speed, energy absorption, and temperature settings and understand what the final objective is. Once we have focused either on increasing the hourly production, or improving the melt and product quality, or again on reducing energy consumption, we begin the research and study part for an optimal solution.

A couple of weeks ago we received an email from one of our customers informing us about the outcome of one of these projects. “Dear Euroviti, today we have started up the equipment and it has been a complete success. Regarding the production that the machine is delivering, the projections are without question the best and we still have RPMs available. Great job!

These are the things that make us happy since by taking the components of the original plasticizing units and modifying them both in terms of design and as regards the management of the temperatures supplied to the customer, it was sufficient for our customer to install three complete units from Euroviti to keep up with the times on the extrusion of LDPE films.

In this specific case we have helped the customer on two fronts, first of all by helping him save time and money by avoiding the purchase of a new three-layer extruder; guaranteeing at the same time a 25% increase in hourly production (from 160 Kg/h with difficulty to 200 Kg/h without any effort from the system).

Our team is always at your disposal, the preliminary analyses and their results are free; it only costs you the effort to collect data and contact us at info@euroviti.com.

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