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In our daily life, often non-experts do not even realize how many products are based on plastic; in some cases, like that of this new success story, someone can be led to confuse a plastic material with another type of material, as often happens in the world of textiles.

Our client is a major company, a European leader in the carpet and rug industry. In this specific case we focused on a single screw extruder equipped with a 130-30 L/D plasticizing unit; the screw was a barrier mixing design needed to process PP + Colour 0.8-4% + U.V. protector 4-5% with a 265kw motor. We were called due to problems with colour dispersion and poor lamination above 100 rpm.

After a careful on-site analysis by our technicians, without having to modify the extruder structures, barrel or motor of the extruder, a dedicated screw profile has been designed and developed and, today, after more than 6 months of tests with various types of materials, using additives and colourants of different kinds, using trimming recovery, it was found that:
• at the same rpm we obtained an output + 15% compared to the old screw;
better lamination and homogenization of both coloured and transparent materials;
• eliminated areas with overheating and on parallel the degradation and burns of the melted mass;
better dispersion and homogenization with savings on additives quantity;
• engine overload above 115 rpm has been completely eliminated;
• energy savings calculated over 6 months of approximated 7%;
• increased use of recovered trims for the feeding by 20%.

We are always glad to prove ourselves alongside our customers, especially when ideas turn into success for us and in great savings for our customers.

It was immediately obvious to us that our task would be to solve the dispersion of additives and looking for a solution to increase plasticization without compromising the quality.

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