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The barrel plays a crucial role in the plasticizing process, providing the structure and strength needed to withstand high pressures and wear, both abrasive and corrosive. This resistance is essential to ensure the proper functioning of other components and the durability of the entire system.

There are two main types of barrels, each with specific characteristics and uses:

Nitrided Barrels: These barrels undergo a specific heat treatment, nitriding, which can be carried out through gaseous or ionic processes. They are particularly suitable for operations where abrasive or corrosive wear is not present, making them ideal for applications with lesser or no wear issues at all.

Bimetallic Barrels: Unlike nitrided barrels, bimetallic barrels offer superior resistance to wear. This characteristic makes them more suitable for situations with various types of wear, ensuring greater stability during the production process and extended durability, making them a more resilient and long-lasting choice for numerous applications.


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