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Barrel End-Cap function as a connecting element between the plasticizing barrel and the nozzle. Euroviti offers a wide range of end-caps, made in different types of steel, to meet a variety of needs.

The range includes standard End-Caps, suitable for most applications or End-Cap equipped with special pivots for mechanical hydraulic closure. The latter are particularly useful in applications that require more accurate control of the flow of plastic material or overlapping the injection process phases.

Euroviti is also able to supply coated End-Cap, if necessary for the process. PVD treatments or chrome plating improve wear resistance, reduce friction coefficients, and increase the durability of the component.

To assist customers in choosing the most suitable End-Cap, Euroviti’s technical department is available to provide advice and expertise, suggesting modifications to the original design to prevent common problems such as material stagnation or the presence of gas. This customized service ensures that each End-Cap is perfectly suited to the specific needs of the client, guaranteeing efficient and trouble-free operation.


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