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The Nozzle is the component that allows the passage of the molten material into the mold. There are nozzles of various shapes and sizes, both direct or composed of a body and a screwed tip. In some cases, the nozzle may be equipped with an adapter to facilitate the flow of material.

Among the alternatives to standard nozzles, we find:

Mixing: Designed to improve the mixing and dispersion of colorants, these screw-tip prevent pressure loss and increase plasticization, resulting in a superior quality final product. The choice of the type of screw-tip (NRV – RSP) will be determined by the specific needs of the injection molding process and the characteristics of the material to be worked with.

Filter: Particularly useful in processes involving the processing of recycled and regrind polymers. They are designed to protect hot runners and molds from damage caused by impurities in the molten material. Available in various variants and made of hardened steel, Filter Nozzles contribute to more efficient and sustainable production.


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