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The Screw-tip is an essential component in controlling the injection process. Its shape and the materials used vary depending on the specific application within the plasticizing unit. The main task is to ensure a correct and consistent flow of the plastic material during the process and to stop the flow in the injection phase.

There are different types of screw-tip, each one with its specific applications:

Standard: Comprising a tip, a valve, and a seat ring, they are versatile and suitable for almost all types of injection molding, making them a common choice in many applications.

Ball: Ideal for large diameter screws, these nozzles handle large volumes of material, ensuring a steady and controlled flow.

Fast Closure: A variant of the standard version, they are designed to offer greater control over the material passage, improving efficiency in the flow shut-off and in the control of the injection molding process.

Castle-ring: The valve movement is limited by fins that allow only horizontal movement, preventing unwanted movements and maintaining a uniform material flow.

Mixing: Designed to improve the mixing and dispersion of colorants, these nozzles prevent pressure loss and increase plasticization, resulting in a superior quality final product.

The choice of the type of nozzle will be determined by the specific needs of the injection molding process and the characteristics of the material to be worked with.


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