Durability and Efficiency

for Exceptional Performance

Being precise and fast is essential for efficiency in providing plasticizing units’ components for injection molding. Our technical knowledge and experience allow us to identify the correct spare parts for the most common European and Asian brands, maintaining a wide stock of standard quality products. This makes Euroviti a point of reference for long-standing customers and a valuable resource for new ones.

Euroviti’s warehouses, with 2000 square meters of space, dedicate a significant part to ready-to-ship spare parts, selected based on the requests received over the years and market research. Our inventory includes over a thousand finished pieces, including barrels, screws, tips, end-caps, and nozzles, as well as 620 screws, 144 barrels, 923 nozzles, 200 bimetallic liners ready for processing, and other small parts. (Our stock is continuously evolving.)

Additionally, we offer “dedicated stocks,” which are components reserved for specific customers with whom we have commercial agreements. This allows them to have a part of their spare parts warehouse directly at Euroviti, ensuring speed and efficiency in supplies granting few economical advantages.



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