Durability and Efficiency

for Exceptional Performance

Euroviti’s twin-screw, dedicated to the food industry, includes a pair of segment-carrying shafts (grooved, hexagonal, or keyway) and a self-cleaning feature. This feature reduces maintenance time, improving the efficiency and hygiene of the production process.

The conveying and mixing elements are made of stainless steel and sintered materials certified for food use. These components, compliant with strict regulations for the food industry, can be refurbished, ensuring a long life of the component.

A distinctive element of the TWIN-SCREW FOR FOOD is the modular segment barrels, available in square or round shapes, and include a replaceable sleeve. This functionality facilitates interchangeability and eliminates the need to rebuild the entire barrel in case of wear, allowing for quick replacements and reducing production downtime.

With the TWIN-SCREW FOR FOOD, the quality, efficiency, and durability of components for the food industry are assured.



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