Revitalizing Industrial Efficiency
with Precision Restoration



In the plastic processing, the plasticizing unit is fundamental in both of extrusion and injection.

Maintaining it and monitoring its wear is crucial to reduce machine downtime and improve production efficiency. Replacement or refurbishment acting on damaged or worn parts becomes essential to restore performances.

Euroviti offers a comprehensive service that includes steel analysis, dimensional checks and refurbishment for:

Barrel Boring

Barrel boring involves smoothing the inner diameter to remove signs of wear. It is applicable to both bimetallic barrels (with attention to their thickness) and nitrided barrels, which, after boring, require a new thermal treatment. This work also includes the restoration of the external diameter of the screw and if present the construction of a new check-valve.

Barrel restoration
through bushing

Bushing, applicable to every type of single-hole barrel, means to insert a steel sleeve (nitrided, hardened, or bimetallic) at the ends of the barrel. In the extrusion sector, it is applied mainly in the feeding zone, while for injection products, normally it involves the end part. Euroviti does not perform total bushings for reasons related with plastic processing, mechanical risks and economical convenience.

Screw Helix Restoration

The welding of screws’ helix and flight means to restore all screws with cores in good condition, bringing them back to their original diameter. The intervention takes place on the external diameter of the helical part, followed by polishing, heat treatment, and grinding. Euroviti offers various types of welding alloys with various degrees of strength.

Mirror Polishing Screw

Mirror polishing can be done on all the screws free of wear and it is useful when using adhesive materials, minimizing surface roughness and preserving the original characteristics of the screw.

Co-Rotating Bushing

Euroviti’s co-rotating twin barrels, made of nitrided steel or with a hardened steel bushing, offer durability and wear resistance. Euroviti renews used co-rotating barrels by replacing the worn bushing or by transforming nitrided barrels into bimetallic ones by inserting a hardened steel bushing.


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